Health and Elder Care Issues

The assistance of a trained mediator can benefit individuals confronting medical or daily care issues, as well as family, friends, medical providers and others involved in or affected by these important health and personal care matters.

Health and elder care decisions have always presented significant challenges to the people they affect- not just the patient or loved one needing care. Emotionally charged matters such as these can inflict long term strain on family relationships. It does not have to be that way. Mediation can help. Mediation offers a voluntary, private process where a trained neutral person facilitates a negotiation that helps parties reach medical or life transition decisions that are in the best interests of a patient or family elder, while also understanding and respecting the interests and needs of other family members. Areas in health and elder care where mediation can be helpful include confronting decisions on:

Living arrangements for an aging parent or other relative;

Personal care and caretaker issues for elder in need (ie: nutrition, home upkeep, medication compliance);

Driving issues;

Complex medical decisions;

Terminal illness and other end of life decisions;

Financial, trust and estate issues;

Guardianship, health care proxy and power of attorney issues;

Avoiding court proceedings on issues such as a person’s legal competency;

Family member responsibility matters and related relationship issues.

Mediation can help:

Ensure the best interests of a patient or elder are fully considered, respected and addressed;

Ensure the patient or loved one has ownership in the decision-making process;

Ensure family members have ownership in these important decisions;

Ensure patient and family culture, religion, values, and other ethical factors, are understood and adequately considered;

Ensure family members avoid long term conflict over these emotionally charged issues and benefit from healthy ongoing communication;

Ensure decision makers have relevant medical facts and understanding of options for time critical medical decisions;

Family members share, and where necessary, heal their true feelings;

Protect confidentiality except where medically necessary to share information for patient care.

Contact Chris to confidentially explore how he can help you efficiently resolve the difficult health or elder care issues that may be confronting you, a family member, or other loved one.

Fees and Expenses:

Fees are charged on a straight-time basis (at $135 per hour) for all time spent during the actual mediation sessions and outside of the sessions. For health and elder care mediations, a sliding fee scale may be considered where requested by clients.

Leahy Mediation & Dispute Resolution, LLC

does not provide legal counsel.

Please understand that a mediator does not provide legal advice. It is strongly recommended that parties to mediation have their own legal counsel who can be consulted for advice and review of any potential agreements.